While your plans for a face-to-face event may have changed, Boise Centre’s in-house audiovisual and IT experts are ready to assist with a wide range of video conferencing and streaming services. Our team of professionals, coupled with the building’s robust 1 GB network infrastructure (with 2.5 GB available in February!), offers the expertise and reliability necessary to deliver a seamless meeting experience both onsite and locations across the globe.

To assist you with virtual events, Boise Centre has added a fully-customizable event studio complete with staging,
backdrop, and a wide variety of production cameras and studio lighting. This versatile studio may be branded to suit your event’s unique needs including, high-quality virtual set design and graphics. We also have the capability to capture live video and computer content to stream in our larger meeting rooms while your local attendees practice physical distancing.

Boise Centre’s video conference and streaming services are ideal for a variety of events including:

  • Keynote speakers
  • Conferences and breakout sessions
  • Workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Fundraising events and auctions

We recommend clients secure a virtual platform of their choice and one that is best suited to meet the objectives of the event. Boise Centre offers Zoom webinar services and supports many other platforms such as Streamyard, Facebook Live, Remo, YouTube, and OBS. No matter the event, our onsite audiovisual and IT staff will work with you in advance to cover all of the details and ensure your meeting is worry-free.

Boise Centre offers a variety of virtual meeting packages to suit the needs of your event. From a single presenter to a general session with breakout rooms, we are ready to help.

Boise Centre is adhering to CDC and GBAC guidance for cleaning and disinfection. The studio and equipment are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected before, during, and after each event.