Boise Centre is committed to making our guest experience enjoyable and comfortable for everyone. All public areas from our exhibition/meeting space to the restrooms and auditorium are ADA and wheelchair user accessible.

  • Boise Centre has three street level, easy access entrances to the facility and automatic ADA doors on the main entrance from The Grove Plaza as well as entrance ā€œDā€.
  • Boise Centre East has one street level, easy access entrance and an automatic ADA door on the entrance from the Grove Plaza.
  • Special needs guests are welcome to bring trained service animals that are covered under the ADA guidelines into Boise Centre.
  • Wheelchair ramps or lifts are available for stages upon request.
  • The Boise Centre owns a limited number of wheelchairs that are available upon request at no
    charge – a valid ID is held as collateral. Please contact your event manager if you would like to reserve a wheelchair or anticipate the need for additional wheelchairs.
  • Boise Centre owns a limited number of assisted listening devices that are available and provided upon request. Please let your event manager know of these needs prior to the event to ensure an appropriate amount are made available.