Boise Centre West

Loading docks and locations
Loading docks and locations

Exhibitor and freight entry to Boise Centre West is via the 9th Street loading dock at 250 S. 9th Street. The loading area consists of three loading bays with dock levelers, and a drive-in access ramp. The Grand Ballroom (100) has a 12′ wide, 16′ overhead door with drive-in access.

The loading and unloading lane on 9th Street is available for use, but extreme caution must be taken because of oncoming traffic.

Due to commitments to other events and building requirements, not all bays and load in areas may be available at all times. Please coordinate your event dock needs with your Event Manager.

Boise Centre East

Exhibitor and freight entry to Boise Centre East is via a loading dock underneath the US Bank Building at 101 S. Capitol Blvd. The loading area consists of two loading bays and the D-5 freight elevator servicing the fourth floor of Ballroom 400 and meeting rooms.  A second freight elevator D-4 is accessible via the third floor of the City Center Plaza parking garage at 195 S. Capitol Blvd. and services the fourth floor of Ballroom 400 and meeting rooms.

Note, the loading dock underneath the U.S. Bank Building has a ten (10) degree slope and may require coordinating street-level offloading/loading or using the West loading dock.

Freight elevator limits and dimensions:

    • Weight Limit: 7,000 Lbs.
    • Door Dimensions: Height = 8′ Width= 6′
    • Inside Car Dimensions: Height= 8′ Width= 7’9″ Depth = 9’4″

Please speak with your Event Manager to confirm the use of the loading docks, areas and freight elevators.